What to say About Amazing Circa Living !!! Just too sweet for Starts ...

What to say about This Fabulous Creator 
Circa designs are  made with care custom to each when required but each creation is so full of care to detail. You will really want some pieces in your own real life.
This planter Wagon for example...
How adorable with spring flowers and Love blossoming from the wooden planters wagon
SL Syndicate's "April Fool's"  Treasure Hunt is underway!  Starts APRIL 1 with all kinds of prizes for this unique styled hunt.  I've got 2 fun spring type prizes for you at the store to find.
Runs from April 1 to 14th 

1) Come to Their store entrance and click the "How to Play" sign under the hunt poster.
     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aurora Vale/202/90/38
2) Read the instructions & wear the book while hunting (it's linked to all the hunt object / clue scripts).
3) Click the book on the poster for our first clues to both prizes paths in our store. 
4) Find all the clues which also give out goodies to keep!  Look for either lily flowers or easter eggs for the clue hunt objects.
For more info, visit the SLS website:
Good luck on your findings & bring your thinking cap!
WHAT FUN !!!!!