Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Burlesque Rose Outfit From *Leaque* only availble for now at the [CHIC] Call For Couture Festival

*League* New Release:@ The Call For Couture Festival
Once again The Most Clever&Stunning Miss Janus has done it Just right !!
Steamy, Hot and sweet !!
The Call for Couture Festival, Project Donate (163, 126, 21)
The following items are only availble for now at the [CHIC] Call For Couture Festival-
The Burlesque Rose Outfit is on general sale, not limited, and includes 3 stocking styles, 2 Skirt styles (Longer and Shorter Front), 7 variations of Bust Attachment, Gloves and Boots.
*League* Burlesque Rose -Vintage Plum Outfit:
Topper ((a vintage collectible from Fit to a T ))
Breezy has been tightening up her inventory and it is amazing some of the treasures she has ..
The Jewels Breezy is wearing are from Mr Alexander ...
This new release from League is an intro to a Most Special Gown being auctioned
The Burlesque Rose -Vintage Plum Gown Limited Edition-
There will be Only 5 will be in existence, 2 of which go to CFC Staff, only 1 will be auctioned here at the CFC Festival, and 50% of proceeds go to the Samaritans,“a confidential emotional support service for anyone in the UK and Ireland. The service is available 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.” Reg charity number: 219432.
The Gown includes 3 stocking styles, a bust attachment full of Roses, Custom Boots, a full layered Gown with smooth flexi movement decorated with sculpted drapes and Roses and an optional full Rose Halter rising from the bust around the neck:
*League* Burlesque Rose Gown -Vintage Plum Limited Edition for Charity Auction:
There are lots of very clever and most creative items available exclusively at the Fair by many talented designers, do make a point to take your time and have a good look around going on
Don't Miss this event or darling Outfit from *Leaque*
only availble for now at the [CHIC] Call For Couture Festival
Enjoy !!! Oh My Off to tend to Breezy's other world ...
Saturday Chores calling .. calling .. calling ..

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