Hey I am Still Here ~ And I'm Loving it !!!!

Son!a Waterfall Fantasy wedding Dress
♥~sonia28 jie~♥
Indeed This is an over the top fashion and design !! These designs are Like her Shop Name cutting "Edge"
A Most Special Lady one can not help but notice this in each of her out of the box Designs !! This gal is able to take each and everyone of us on a most special Journey with each and every design !!!
Grand Slam one after after another !!
Yes indeed she too has her very own form and style making her Signature Creative quite endearing to those of us that are dare I type Fans !

Many of us are still here for the fun & fantasy, an escape from the real Life Stress of what really is and is not .. To each of these designers Breezy can not thank YOU each enough for enjoying what You and continuing to do it .. month after month .. dare I type year after year ..
THank YOU Miss Son!a !!! Thank YOU !!!
Visit this amazing House of creative soon !! Wear The Fantasy !!
Made the drama your in game couture not your second Life .. *grins*

after all there are other worlds for that ..