Off With Her Head ~ Queen of Hearts~ From Grim Brothers

"Off With Her Head", This amazing Queen of Hearts Costume from Grim Brothers
is a complete ensemble from skin, shape, ((two set of eyes red &grey)) Breezy is wearing her own
Hair,shoes, Amazing Gown, card Particles, ah Yes and the Card Guards themselves !!!
Miss Cutea Has left nothing out !!!
Breezy wore this stunning ensemble to The Duke's Breakfast in Babbage this Past Saturday !!
The Card Guards needed a bit of shuffling so what better place to restore Evil
((rather then Cuteness ))
Then the evil Lair of The Evil Genus Himself Doctor O .....
Stand Up straight .. noo smiles or slacking !!!
Alright Alright that is enough complaining are we ready Now ???
here we go ... stand by ... and we are off .. heh .
no pun intended !!

In no time we arrived and danced ((made the final two songs *grins*))
Photos by Dear Bookworm
for more of her fun & delightful captures
AH There is The Duke himself .. yes yes the white rabbit there ..
come come cards YOU know what to do !!!
Off With his Little cute Head !!
((photo by Dear Bookworm))
Please click on the photos to see the clever beauty of this ensemble
The Details Miss Cutea has put into this amazing costume are impeccable and
Just most clever, beautiful & Fun
Do Stop By Grim Brothers Main Location for this Fabulous Costume
and Many Many More ..
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