Nothing Says Festive Better Then An Ordinal Enterprises Festive Humbug !

Nothing Says Festive Better Then An Ordinal Enterprises
Festive Humbug !
Forget Fa la la's
There is something very very Exciting Now Back by Popular Demand
What's that You might say ????
Well the One of a kind ,original Ordinal Enterprises
Festive Humbug Selection !!
No True Festive Holiday Location on The Entire Grid
should go with Out This Holiday Season !!
Share and welcome one's guests upon their arrival
or perhaps just merely set them out for all to enjoy !!
Gift Giving .. For that certain someone !!
All are sure to get more then just a bang from these Treasures !!
There are rules of course .. *grins*
Instructions always included ..
From the One and Only Dame Ordinal Malaprop

an unforgettable Festive Treat these be all the time ,guaranteed !
"Seasons greetings to you! Ordinal Enterprises hopes that you enjoy the Holidays to the fullest, and that the tantalisingly variable flavours of the Ordinal Festive Humbug enlivens it for yourself and your loved ones!

A conveniently armoured box of Ordinal Festive Humbugs is just the ticket for any social occasion. Either hold it one's hand, or place it in a prominent position, and guests may take a humbug for their own consumption merely by touching, enabling them to savour the rich and constantly varying taste of the Humbug.
Please note that the chemicals involved in Humbug Manufacture require that one does not fold, spindle, multilate and above all, CHEW the Humbug. Ordinal Enterprises absolves itself of all legal responsibility for any mishaps that may occur resulting from use of Humbugs, regardless of how Pyrotechnical.
The Humbug box, when attached, may be controlled through the use of simple chat commands. In addition, should one, for some reason, wish to throw the Humbugs whilst the box is held, one may do so by entering mouselook, holding the button to take a humbug and releasing it to throw the sweet. I cannot possibly think of a reason to do so, though.
(As is usual for products by Ordinal Enterprises, updates and modifications are free once the product is purchased. The update system should be fairly self-explanatory.)
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