IF Real Life Has Victoria Secrets Then Second Life Has Blacklace !!

Ah Good Witch or Bad Witch or Not a Witch at all *grins*
With out doubt this is one design house on the grid that nails
this festive spirit of year everytime !!
Blacklace designs oooo la la Indeed !
IF Real Life Has Victoria Secrets Then Second Life Has Blacklace !!http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alphamale/130/124/41
Does Blacklace have a Treat for you!
Who can resist dipping into the Halloween Treats ahead of time, only this time..you’re the sweet lil’ treat!
Well, maybe not so sweet, but this Treat is all you in a black and orange satin corset set with a detachable ruffled skirt. Also included are fishnet stockings, a witches hat, broomstick and pentagram jewelry.

Oh! There’s also a pail of candy and a lollipop for all good little girls and boys! This way, you can get a head start on all that licking!
“Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat give me something good to eat” takes on a whole new fun meaning, doesn’t it?

Blacklace presents Belial, one of the releases in the new fall collection.
In Belial, you will be wickedly beautiful and your allure will draw those around you closer.

Those you seek will be consumed by images of you dressed in a red leather teddy with a mesh inset and silver buckles. The rest of the outfit, the red leather thigh highs, the Pentagram choker and bangles will be equally irresistible.
As you turn, you will see their lips part in the silent gasp as they see the tail with the pentagram insignia and the horns that rise from your luscious cascading hair. Any thoughts of escape will diminish as you display the magnificent wings that envelope these mere humans…as you bring them into your fold.
Behold the power that is yours in Blacklace’s Belial.
You are sure to find the new release, Blacklace Angel, heavenly!l
Don’t confuse innocent with angelic, at least not when it comes to Blacklace Angel because there is nothing innocent about this white corset set.

Angels bodice is embellished with lace, and a ruffle on the bra allows for a bit of peek-a-boo, and is a reminder this angel is indeed a naughty one. This set includes a skirt that is swagged with a lace overlay, or for versatility you can wear the lacy corset bottom.
Also included are stockings with a garter adordened with a pearl and gold cross charm, as is the corset and accompanying necklace. Additionally this set includes feather wings, perfect for midnight tickling and a halo While you may look angelic, the results will be wicked!
~Blacklace Angel ~