Let's all head to the Drive In !!!!!

Well here Breezy is ... @ The Drive In .. Part of the Rock Star Island Sim
All decked out for halloween! Creepy Carnivale Haunted House and More!

Pfalz Pfarms* Ozimals* Clamables* Amaretto Horses* Bunnies*Horses*7Seas*Dreamer's Drive In movie theater : over 170 movies avail*

Fallon Pavillion:Best Tribute Concerts in SL!

Oh How exciting her First Customer !!!

Yes Sir that was a Strawberry Shake and Cheeseburger *rare* fries .. and *cough* cough*

Sno-Caps Goobers & Raisinets Popcorn .. gotta !!

Will thats be all Sir ????

Whew Interesting Night *grins* The darling Outfit is a new release called "Carhop Cutie" from ICING ! This fun little outfit features sculpted cuffs, collar, hat, and skirt. Also included is a tray which dispenses strawberry milkshakes when touched, and roller skates that come with an embedded skating animation. The skates are totally modifiable, so you can drop in your own poses or swap out the included non-tray holding skating animation into the AO.