..Oh what does the future Hold ???

..Oh what does the future Hold ???
A Sneak Peek and New Location ... grins
and thats just for starters ....
Breezy looks into her "☆GLITTERATI☆ Crystal Ball ...
So many things she does see !!!
For starters and just for now passes on the Link to the newest Main Location
How exciting exciting exciting !!
Curious Seamstress

Please Have a peek @one of Kembri Tomsen"s soon to be released
Holiday Satin Dolls .. Meet " Stella "
It is said a good photo captures a 1000's words !!!!
Regardless of the glamour and glitz .. The heart still remains ..
enjoy this fun pictorial of a soon to be released Classy 1930s Gown ..
" Stella" .. One of the sizzleing Holiday Satin Dolls
from The Fabulous Holiday Creative Colection
coming soon
From Kembri Tomsen ..
Curious Seamstress
Now in Rosewood



Edward Pearse said…
Love the fortune teller's outfit. But I think your SLURLs are wrong.
Breezy Carver said…
Yikes... I think your right !!
must tend to that .. smiles and blushes .. (( but but the spelling good yes ! )) *grins* Thank YOU Edward :)