Thursday, October 21, 2010

Burn 2 Still going on Now till Oct 24th Stop By The Eridu Society Today !

Burn 2 Still going on Now till Oct 24th Stop By
The Eridu Society Today !
Burn2 is the annual festival of community, art and fire that brings the culture and cool of Burning Man to the metaverse. Held through Oct. 24, Burn2 combines the proud traditions and 10 principles of Burning culture with six sims of amazing art installations, interactive theme camps, continuous DJs and live performers on two stages. Drum, dance, woot, and wonder!
The Darling Eridu Explorer suit ((one made for the ladies and another for the gentlemen))
is amazing creative from Blakopal Desgins available exclusively for now
@ Their Burn 2 *smiles* Build on the grid
" Good communications are an essential part of any successful Metropolis, and it is with this in mind that TriloByte Zanzibar and blakopal Galicia of the Eridu Society camp have created a spectacular tower and multi-purpose facility. Blending elements from steampunk and classic 20th century science fiction, Trilo and blakopal have built an outpost that could withstand the harshest elements of any barren desert (and looks like it already has)."
About the Eridu Society:
Trilo describes it as "a steampunk adventurer's club, for traveller's from some sort of imaginary future." Trilo and blakOpal created the Eridu Society in 2007 to both reflect the creative idea of 'ancient culture meets high technology' and to keep Burning Man-related projects separated from more commercial pursuits. It takes its name from Eridu, which according to Sumerian legend was the first city. All our cities, cultures, forms of religion, and forms of decadence (woohoo decadence!) have its roots in Eridu, and it seems perfectly appropriate to bring a city from the cradle of civilization in the heart of Mesopotamia to the cutting edge of technology in both Black Rock City and Second Life.
Oh DMV and Look !! what a cute Pink bicycle ((comes in 6 reliable rezzable colors))
oh did breezy mention dmv .. so she waited .. and waited ... and waited ....
((awww forget the bicycles ! Please don't miss this cool event going on now !!))
and waited some more .. Oh my !!!!
noo worries this is one of the Bueatiful Mesh Skins offered from Blakopal Designs
at their build .. This one is The Ladies Brass !
About the artists:
"blakopal Galicia and TriloByte Zanzibar have been burners for a long time. blakopal first went to the RL Burning Man event in 1996, while Trilo's first trip to the desert was in 2004. Both have been involved in playa art projects large and small, producing events, designing and building mutant vehicles (art cars), and organizing/coordinating theme camps. Their first virtual burn was in 2008."
And above is the Ladies Steel
"Embrace your inner Mech and help to reduce lag on the virtual playa. Strip down to your bare skin and show off your gleaming mechanical parts. Created with your choice of brass/copper workings, or steel/chrome parts (which can be tinted if you like), you won't feel naked at all. Or add your own accessories to create a totally unique steampunk avatar."
• Mech Skin only in brass
• Mech Skin only in steel
also only available At The Eridu Society Burn 2 by BlakOpal Designs !

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