Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Say Hi To "Johnie" from Lady Kembri Tomsen of GWD !!

Happy Halloween Say Hi To "Johnie" from Lady Kembri Tomsen of GWD !!
On This Hollows Eve Lady Kembri Tomsen of GWD has not forgotten all !!!
Permit Breezy to share just one her many latest designs "Johnie" this fun 1920's design !!!
(( special thanks to The Duke for sharing)) the music of "The The Moon Rays"
Breezy highly recommends listening to their fun tunes !!!
Ahh now Back to Lady Kem's Johnie !!!
this is a darling gown complete with undergarments ..
Oh la la indeed !!
Take a walk or ride back to this marvelous era .. Its Pulp Noir ...
Diesel Punk .. that's starting with the roaring 1920s' and no one puts
a gal there in the style quite Like Lady Kembri !!!!
This Gown is just darling .. with the textures and prim work
that shall make every gal want to twirl !!! head band with feather included !!
not one but two sets of gloves .. with and with out rose trim work !!
((she really thinks of everything ))
Yes Ladies you are sure to have a smoking time in this fun creative !!
hot cute sexy and sweet .. is best how to describe Sweet Sweet "Johnie"
((feel free to click on photos to enlarge *smiles*))
Please don't miss this fun creative ensemble
for more info on locations and where You can find ..
Please visit Lady Kembri's blog today
Till next time~ Going my way ???
Down please !!! *grins*
Today is Breezy's rez day .. Indeed she joined the grid
just 3 years ago late one Halloween eve .. My My
what a ride it's been .. cheers !!!
See ya next time !! 



RF said...

Excellent work yet again, Breezy! Happy Rez-Day and Happy Halloween to you, madam!

Breezy Carver said...

*smiles* Thank YOU !! and You Sir always make my day !!!:)

Rhianon Jameson said...

A belated happy Rez day, Miss Breezy!

Breezy Carver said...

aww ty Miss Rhianon :) *smiles*