Friday, October 15, 2010

The Paper Couture,Sophisticated Women's fashions

Ladies a little tribute today to the ladies of The Paper Couture,Sophisticated Women's fashions
Breezy is wearing one of their many many new Fall/2010 releases "Crossroads"

Please take note to the darling Pumps .. p.c;white suede pumps .. Just love them !!
A little something about the clever personalities of Paper Couture ..they have inspired many, been inspired by others .. Be it jewelry, Big Hair, artistic skins, Beautiful gowns , day wear or men's Clothing... They enjoy Bueaty laced with Off the wall grace &humor !!
They do it with tongue and cheek to make Fashion statements that makes each of us look, smile and often look again !!!
Breezy is just a thoughtful, caring person who loves blog on beautiful creative
no more no less .. she loves to share different , unusual , quite different creative :)
She blogs on the lovely designs of thoughtful artists that matter to her ....
.. smiles.. 
In any world fashion should be fun !!!!
These ladies know how to keep it over the top
in original off the chain designs For p.c; their end results
always ="We Make Fashion into Art"
"Nylon Outfitters, Fashionably Dead, Lamb, Clawtooth by Clawtooth, Kenzie Co., Yummy, Wrigglesworths, Paper Couture, Rootbeer, Church of Luxe, Rachel, Root Beer, Unicorns, Pig, Creepy City, Tres Blah"
What a stunning Look .. Hair and Jewels from the House of Donna FLora ..
A special close up of the necklace with earrings set
from the amazing house of Donna Flora
Available @At Jewelry Fair 2010 y%20Fair%201/139/18/22 


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