Monday, October 4, 2010

The Party is Still On Boobiethon 2010 all week Don't Miss Out !!

The weekend was hot hot hot @ The 2010 Boobiethon Ball and festivities
Breezy was sort of tied up due to real life but heard nothing but wonderful things about this amazing event .. Still going She might add !! Breezy made a point to dash over to the Boobiethon Merchants area early this am *grins* to grab a few goodies to share with all ..

Ladies each offer for sale for this cause could be featured and blogged alas Breezy was only able to grab a few .. First on the List please allow Breezy to share this darling creative ensemble
Raspberry Jelly Burlesque Ensemble, one of four Beautiful creations from Ms Lumina Elvehjem
! Just too Darling .. As always Great Work Miss Lumi, many thoughtful Purrrrss to YOU !!

From two darling hats, every layer one can think of *grins* and the most darling shoes included! Ms Lumi has once again put in a great deal of heart & thought into this fabulous fun creative ..The rich satin and gorgous Lace trims.. Mew Mew Mew !! to YOU Lumi and a grand Meow .. to all to rush to pick this Darling and Her other most creative Ensembles asap !!!
Next we have the most adorable Air Ship ..
DME baronette boobiethon airship by The Steamland very own Miss Darlingmonster Ember
This airship was designed in October 2010 as a part of the 'gem series' of Steampunk airships that enhance your arrival. The Anbaric solar turbine is much quieter and efficient than anything produced in the steamlands thus far. You may note the improved non-venting anbaric control system.
This is a physical vehicle. Be careful crossing sim boundaries. Keep a spare copy of the ship handy.
Views are excellent and the gilded polarized canopy offers protection from adverse wind and flying birds. Please wear safety goggles.
As sold, the craft holds pilot and two others. Click the pilot seat to sit. Only the root prim has the engine.

Ah What would a Boobiethon be with out the delightful Creative of Miss Reghan Straaf’s signature Pink Creative for the Susan G Komen Foundation to help raise money to fight this disease. Beholds first
Hatpins - Lord Laurel Bowler and Boutonnierre! Just Pricless ! Now made for The Gentleman but as one can See not to shabby on any Lady .. Breezy humble opinion !

Breezy Just loves this Hat by Miss Reghan .. Add Some Pink and oh la la !!!
Hatpins - Lady Yolande - Pink Shell

These fabulous Products and More are on sale all week @ Boobiethon Merhcants Area!
Hatpins - Lady Yolande - Pink Shell
Kick your heels and tp , fly , or even sail .. but please head on over with so much going
The Boobiethon 2010 event going on strong All week Long !!!
Don't miss the Fun
Support this most powerful Cause !!!

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