Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fantasy Continues At The Fantasy Faire in Exotic Worlds

In case all didn't know  breezy is have a blast with blogging
for The Fantasy Faire 2011
So many wonderful creative designers and amazing Builders
gathered in one place .. My Gosh  takes her breath away ..
So much to blog , indeed we must turn it up a bit here ..
Today we visit Exotic Worlds
Yes Breezy was playing Spanish Moon.. heehehe
one fause  step you get done in ...
done in by the Fantasy that is .. wink ..
Each one of these sims tells a story .. It is up to YOU to interpret
Your own tale .. that's the magic of Th Fantasy Faire ..
Sim after Sim jam Packed with creative for sale
with a great deal of proceeds going to Relay For Life of Second Life !!!
But here is the catch .. It's all all gathered together on these sims
for a short time ..
The Fantasy Faire .. going on now  Till April 10th
9 spectacular Built Sims
Fabulous Entertainment
The Best The Grid has to offer in Fabulous Creations
Please don't miss this Event !!!

Breezy looks out over the Breathtaking  Lagoon on Exotic Worlds
from a beautiful  gazabo  from the heart of gold and creative Mind and hands of
The Toymaker herself Miss Mayah Parx owner of Epic Toys Company
Her shops and builds are laced through out Fantasy Faire 2011
*Smiles* @ The Toymaker !
Breezy is wearing
*EC* Girl Faery - RFL 2011
from Evie's Closet
Sim Sponsor of Forest of Light
Skin from
Fallen Angel
Sim Sponsor of
Enchanted Mysts
Hair: Wasabi Pills Maeve Hair - Orchid

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