Fantasy Faire 2011 is On ~ A look into BM Masquerades

Well Hello Dolly Indeed ....
Meet  The most beautiful
"Going to The Opera" Gown
 from The magical World of
*BM* Bobo's Masquerade
Find the Mask you need for masquerades, balls, costumes, formals or just for dressing up!
Gents, if you need something a little fantastic, this is where you'll find it, from Full Body Tattoo Outfits, Fantasy Costumes, and Capes, to Masks for all your Formal Events.
I also make really cool one-prim jewelry, and some kinda off-kilter clothes. Ladies, if you need a formal gown, ballgown,or evening gown that you won't see on everyone else, check us out.

"Bobo Rosselsprung"
*BM* Bobo's Masquerade

Draped in Red Brocade Velvet , trimmed with lace and feathers
and gorgeous Jewels  .. BM Masquerades  Going to The Opera
is a most eye catching gown .
The Trim work and stunning jewels included in this gown
are remarkable .  The gloves Devinne .
A True Robber Baroness indeed ..
*BM* Relay For Life Garden Hat
at The Fantasy Faire 2011  Now
on Nemo Revisited Sim

*BM* Relay for Life Mask

at The Fantasy Faire 2011 Now

*BM* Relay for Life Mask
*BM* Relay For Life Garden Hat 
on The Amazing Crafter
 Nemo Revisited Sim
at The Fantasy Faire 2011