Mermaid Love .. Under the Sea of Mer @ Fantasy Faire 2011

Where to start with the underwater journey, Ah The Sea of Mer
at The Fantasy Faire 2011 .. A dream within a Dream indeed !
You know as we all visit the beautiful creative , the breath taking builds ..
Let's not forget what this amazing Journey is all about ..
It's not about egos, or who is who .. but rather all about a bigger
Cause, One that is so much bigger then anyone of we ..
It touches one out of 4 people daily ..
There is not one among us who is or has not been effected by the Monster !
Until there is a Cure "We Relay"
Be it a cup of coffee, a skipped meal .. Make the time
and find the funds to give to this Cause ..
You will feel good inside  and truly be so glad you did !
promise !
Relay For Life of Second Life
You question ?? Perhaps chalenge ?  where do the funds go ???
Helping people get well, to finding a cure,to fighting back .
Suport  phone lines are open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year /
they never shut down !
 providing information, help, and support to the nearly one million individuals who call .
To learn more about the American Cancer Society please visit
To learn more about Relay For Life,
 please visit our Relay For Life information page.
Mermaid Love
Awaken to each luminous rain washed dance
She wears a set of gossamer's wings
Shining coral in garnet crowns, she sings
Beautiful sounds surround
Loving arms await her mortal king
Pearls line tranquil seas sleep
Mermaid Love
Wishing for each love to someday keep
Thus following each mermaid creed
Soft stars sheltered her heart so long
Each time she rose two the island so sweet
She wears anointed bisque fins
Her eyes fill to tears with no feel...
Lasting kiss they shared, hovering she will remember
Yesterdays memories will always be there, coming each September
In a castle somewhere in the-paths of lights
He will come one day to make her heart fill bright
Deborah Shepard©2008
A doze for even the most active Mermaid deep under the sea ..
The Sea of Mer that is  Fantasy Faire 2011
Breezy is wear amazing violet Mer ensemble from Evie's Closet .
Amazing Skin Chrystal in Violet ((RFL item) From Fallen Gods
Hair fromWasabi Pills   (also RFL item ))  made just for skin
sold separately .
Hair fromWasabi Pills, Maeve hair from the RFL vendors,
wear it with or without branches
*Surprise* Ran Into Mr. and Mrs  Volare, Charming and personalble couple ...
Alas, so we parted as we all were most busy..busy with so much see and do !!
A dream with in a dream that is what Fantasy Faire 2011
truly is .. With Just Days left its all waiting for YOU ....
Sea of Mer
Breezy is wearing
Skinthesis  mermaid fins in The Color of Hopes color for RFL.
Several other colors are available.
Hair by Truth