Racer X and His Giant Snails Race For Relay For Life of Second Life ..

Racer X and His Giant Snails  Race For Relay For Life of Second Life ..
Special Kudos to Mr Racer X and The Giant Snail Team of Relays For Life Of Second Life ..
For yet another Year they have brought their Giant Snails and Track to Life
for all to enjoy, race and Make a Memory while rasing and raising awareness
to This Powerful Cause ..
Relay For Life  of Second Life
Close to 40 Snails gathered along the track to race
And this Year New Babbage even Had an entry ..
A very Special Thank YOU to My old and dear Friend Jimmy Branagh ..
The Kid is adorable and has a heart of gold
and did well and finished the Race !!!
Well I might add .. and Had a blast .
Thank YOU  Jimmy !! 
Racer X runs this show with class and a wonderful sense of Humor !!
He and his team run a tight ship ..
Heck they even talk a special Snail Lingo .. wink ..
Miss. Hippyty Hoppity The Easter Snail is on Her Way !! 
I was so proud and impressed with Jimmy 
Saw some other special friends as well ..
Cry and Six .. and Miss Cinn ..   there were all there for this amazing cause
and to have fun ...
A little something about this cause:
  it is powerful .. mean and  cruel ..
To the people that can't be bothered .. nods we all get it ..
But when the time comes .. These Relay for Life of Second Life events and efforts
continue to make a difference so  heaven forbid if anyone of us .. or those we Love
Come across it .. There is support and 24  hour care for each and all ..
Please remember that .. is all we ask ..
Thank YOU  Racer X and The Giant Snails Team
and to all  that  joined for this  great Event !
In honor of all of those we Have Lost ..
And in the effort to help all those who may suffer
Until there is a Cure 
We all Relay !! 
Go Relay !!!
[11:52] RacerX shouts: Here are a few rules for the race
1. Have a lot of fun!
2. Were just trying to have fun so lighten up about the lag. No doubt this will be a very laggy event.
Perfect for snail racing.
3. No flying unless you need to because you fell through a bridge or something
4. No jumping no matter how excited you get but using jumping animations or gestures
 are the exception ans allowed.
5. No teleporting to the front. If you crash and many of you will then try to teleport back
 into the middle of the pack
(you will still get you giant race trophy just your not in the running for 1st 2nd or 3rd )
6. If you get to a sim thats not there you can wait till it does show up or go around the empty sim but no teleporting past it ok?
7.If you get to a sim thats full you can try to walk around it or wait till some people leave to get through it
8. Have a lot of fun! (can't stress that enough)
[11:52] : shouts: Pygar Bu in Abitibi : Snails
[12:01] RacerX shouts: get ready snails
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Tepic said…
I said i would be there, and unfortunately rl family needs prevented me. My apologies. Jimmy said there might be another race soon?