Lady Hope, by Charles Worth .. From Lady Kembri Tomsen .

"This Victorian conversion gown, Lady Hope, by Charles Worth. The gown is from the early 1890s, not too long before M. Worth passed away. The gown is called a conversion gown because it could be used for either day time visits or evening entertainments. It's not quite fancy enough for a formal ball, but it would do nicely for evening receptions or dinners. It required only a change of bodice and accessories, and was something many Victorian women did in order to stretch their wardrobes."
Lady Kembri Tomsen
Breezy goes for a we bit of a different flair and adds
 this Darling Hatpins Lady Jean Derby with black lace Vail.
The day time bodice is a jacket style with long sleeves.  There are sheer inserts in the sleeves and a lovely lace collar.  The evening bodice has beige velvet sleeves with just a touch of black lace.  There are matching system skirts for each bodice.  The prim skirts can be worn with either set of system skirts.  There are two sets of gloves in this ensemble.  Day visiting gloves, and a pair of cream evening gloves.  The prim sleeves are only for the evening gown portion and have been left mod. 
A Vintage Lady perhaps Might take a Stroll and do some shopping with her parasol.
Just Perfect for walk in New Babbage Port !
One can even stop by for a visit at One of Lady Kembri's Shop locations while there ..
Lady Kembri included two head pieces .. A day hat and a lovely evening feather ..
Two pairs of gloves ..  day strollers and long evening gloves
Of course period Undergarments Also Included .
Breezy adds a feather hand fan  not included with Hope,
But included in Yet another beautiful creative ensemble by
Lady Kembri Tomsen ..
The Details, The Textures .. ah Devinne !!
Indeed a most Special Gown ! ... Enjoy this Stunning versatile Vintage Worth gown from
From Lady Kembri Dance .. Curious Seamstress of  GWD...