Last Day at Fantasy Faire 2011 with A Story of Relay for Life 2011 .

Fantasy Faire 2011 Last Day Report
She was as new as noobs get. One day old. And this was the first place she found. I almost didn’t say hi. Would have been a shame. I’d have missed the best moment of the Faire. See, she goes for a biopsy this week and she’s scared. No one has yet said, “you have cancer.” But the fear…We spoke a few minutes, about SL, Relay, the Faire. “All that money,” she said. “Why do people give so much?” I often ask myself the same. “Because you’re worth it,” I said. L$5,262,533. $21,540 US. Worth every cent.
Zander Greene
And as all danced the night away under the always full second life Moon at Close of The Fantasy Faire 2011 .. The Saga and Never Ending Story Continues Until There is a Cure We Relay !
A little Story from the Faire
It was the Great Auction ..
The last Night of The Fair ..
All the beautiful gates would be auctioned off
A three Year Tradition ..
But this year was special  there were going to be two sims of creative auctioned off as well
The Beautiful  Golden Tower 
and so Much More .. All were excited !!
All gathered around to the Great Fantasy Faire 2011 Stage .. Almost Ready to Kick off
The Auction .. When all of a sudden Sim Crash ..
In no time Ember with the help of LL got the Sim Back
and all the People Returned ..
But something happen .. Breezy had gotten a phone call .
With all the efforts and all care and the wonderful work and money Raised
an old dear real life  friend had passed of Cancer that Sunday early evening ..
Point .. No matter how much one may think these amazing efforts of others do not effect and help this great cause .. or that nah it doesn't matter ..or it doesn't effect them . Gosh It all matters .. nods 
  It really does .. One out of four people get this nightmare called Cancer,
That means sooner or later,we each are effected .
The Fantasy Faire 2011 is over Raising over 20 grand usd ..
But Relay Season Continues on Second Life and in Real Life ..
Please find it in your hearts to give make an effort and support this worthy cause !!
Breezy did not make it back to the Great Auction . She quietly watched the FFC team totals grow
and smiled as she did her best to post it .. As she had a good  quiet cry alone .. 
She  was reminded a beautiful  story earlier in the day ..
A story of Relay
It was an amazing early Sunday Morning , The final Day of The Fantasy Faire 2011 ..
 Breezy was quietly  flying around  being a  happy, pretty spring fairy.
She came across the Most Beautiful Avi She has ever seen ..
Oh she had seen photos of it ..((Many of them grins )) ..
But this was it in person.. WOW ..
She quietly approached, The Great One of a Kind  Beautiful  RFL  Avi Horse ..
As she did not wish to disturb her ..
Ever so softly with ease ,she approached her in the gorgeous Maya Parks
enchanting RFL welcome bed of hope flowers ..
She was so peaceful and quite Stunning ..  with an occasional adjustment
((in animation and nay here and there .. This was A powerful beautiful Creature to watch ..
Perhaps one of the most alive creative breezy had ever seen on Grid ! ))
She shook a tiny bit and released a feather or two from her Spectacular Wings ..
Breezy thought of all the characters and all the beautiful caring sharing people ..
She thought of others that make a point not to care .. smiles
then she looked around at the beauty and heart felt creative around her .
The is no place to hide , no place to fake or pretend ,
The stories of Relay are endless, moving and quite touching ..
Everyone has a story remember that !
Breezy danced and flew about the One of a Kind Creative ..
She smiled and wiped away private  quite taken in the moment  tear ..
For indeed this was the Fantasy Faire 2011
and this was the most special Memory she had to keep for always from it ..
((thank YOU Miss Ember :) ))
After a good while of Playing and  feeling the moments lost and stopped in time
Breezy bid adew and thanked the Beautiful creative Avi Horse ..
(( The Person behind the avi  Miss Ember herself . smiles and I don't think she even knew I was there *smiles*   Makes this all the more special folks ))
A peaceful Powerful  Moment or several in time ..
The Story Behind these auction items are quite special ..
Both one of kind creative ..
The brilliant Horse Avi from Hoof It ..
Won in Auction ((for a lot of lindens *grins* ))
and gifted to Miss Ember  from the One and only
most thoughtful and generous Fallen God Himself ..
The fairy Costume  bid and won by breezy
from the lovely Angelwing Shop.
The End ...
To my dear and old friend Kathy ..
 Rest in Peace ..
You are in a better place
this song is for You ..