Mr. Tekelili Tantalus On Sea of Mer @ The Fantasy Faire 2011

Greetings .. It is a Privilege once again to blog for this Unique Creator
Mr. Tekelili Tantalus
Back again for Fantasy Faire 2011
on The Sea of Mer Sim
Breezy is wearing The Violet Sailfish made for 2011 Relay For Life .
Tekeli-li! dark artistry 's Deep Ones are a line of "realistic" merfolk- ie, based on real fish.
 Great care has been taken to interpret the traits of the real fish if hybrid with a human, and the AO is designed to create an appearance of naturalistic motion.
The Violet Sailfish avatars, both for men and the ladies  are new for this year,
With these hues created esp for Relay for Life of Second Life Season.
The Sailfish AVs are based upon the fish they are named for, known as the fastest fish in the seas, and easily recognizable by their huge doral fins. This complete avatar contains a skin, shape, eyes, prim body attachments, and accessories. The shape is NOT required, you may wear your own, but the shapes included are optimized for the skins and prim parts, and are modifiable. All the prim parts (excluding the animated sailfish pet) are modifiable in order to fit them ideally to your own AV if desired, and copyable so you can make backups first. The sailfish pet is not modifiable as a safety, due to modding potentially breaking the animations. You just wear him- he's not a follower, and won't get lost this way. =)
Note- You will require the MerAO for this avatar to function properly. It is contained in a ZHAOII, which will show up as a pair of buttons on your HUD. The bottom button is on/off (green indicates on- if it shows as on and you are NOT animated, just turn it on/off again), and the top button a menu. 5 different sit poses (which pose the legs only to make them compatible with most human furniture) and 5 different ground sit lounging poses are included and can be switched between via the menu. The ZHAO has its own help card included. Do -not- message the creator of the ZHAO device with questions about it.
The Sailfish have an optional light for a touch of luminescent in the deep waters.
 It's invisibly attached to the spine attachment, and can be toggled on/off with chat commands.
Please note that the sailfish's harpoon is not combat scripted,
but is modifiable so that combat scripts may be added if desired.
Breezy added a little lip gloss and some Beautiful . Tekelili  Hair .
Well even a Sailfish gal has to go shopping.. *wink*
And its all waiting for you at The Fantasy Faire 2011 @ . Tekelili's
Indeed deep under The Sea this Vixen Sailfish is waiting to entice !!!
The Aqua Koi 
The Aqua Koi Has been brought back from last year, both colors are a special RFL
 only hue of these avatars, which will no longer be available after RFL Season.
Breezy waits for Her One true love , that One certain Sailor .. capture and keep him ..
A bit about Tekeli-li! dark artistry- Tekeli-li! dark artistry is owned by Tekelili Tantalus, and specializes in intricately detailed fantasy accessories, hairstyles, and avatars. Tekeli-li!'s booth at Fantasy Faire 2011 will be primarily focused upon aquatic and Lovecraftian-themed offerings.
Mr Tantalus coninues to over only The Best in detailed fantasy jewelry, hairstyles, AVs,
costume weapons,  and home deco, etc.
Again it is all waiting for you .. at Fantasy Faire 2011
On Sea of Mer