Blakopal Designs Presents The Coraline Gown complete with Video !

From the world of Blakopal Designs
comes this sleek saucy stunning flowing gown
Blakopal Presents
The Coraline Gown
Simply stunning! A fabulous sexy, body-baring gown that is sure to turn heads. The sheer bodice plunges super low in the front and back, practically defying gravity before slipping beneath the curve-hugging skirt. The full long skirt is made of rows upon rows of gathered taffeta, trailing out extra long behind you, while still accenting your natural, sexy curves. But some occasions call for something a bit more sassy and revealing, so we have also included a flirty little mini skirt that shows off the garter belt and stockings underneath. Pair the whole outfit with a delicate sculpted belly chain, some over-the-elbow satin gloves and matching panty and there's no way you won't feel super sexy
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The flow to this gown is beautiful, The Textures and colors unique!
Breezy often writes of originality as she so respects it tenfold .
When one invests in a Blakopal Design
Either Ladies or Gentlemen Ensembles
They are just about guaranteed to have a fabulous time  and look sensational !
*well come on the look can be guaranteed  .. the time *grins*
that is up to you ..*wink*
The Coraline Gown
available in several shades, first the blue breezy is wearing
a gorgous black seen below in video *smiles*
Sexy Purple ..spicey Red  and breezy's other((next to blue))
 all time favorite Blakopal signature White
• Long bodice
• Long full skirt
• Mini skirt
• Skirt ruffles
• Belly chain
• Garter belt
• Stockings
• Gloves
• Panty
• Glitch pants
This outfit makes use of Multi-Wearables in SL
This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose.
 It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.
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They say seeing in action says it all. 
Behold this amazing video of the Coraline Gown in action ..
Then You Decide !!
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