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wench   /wɛntʃ/
[wench] Show IPA
1. a country lass or working girl: The milkmaid was a healthy wench.
2. Usually Facetious . a girl or young woman.
3. Archaic . a strumpet.
–verb (used without object)
4. to associate, especially habitually, with promiscuous women.
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Middle English, back formation from wenchel,
 Old English wencel child, akin to wancol tottering, said of a child learning to walk;
 akin to German wankeln to totter
—Related forms
wench·er, noun
—Can be confused:   wench, winch. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011.
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Now for the fun Part ....
From BlakOpal Designs
The Salty Wench Outfit - White

This is indeed a fun one .. Layers of Lace, Worn leathers .. cotton and buckle .

As always With Blakopal Designs The Looks are plenty with this
Saucy Delightful Ensemble .
Breezy has added The Blalopal
Swashbuckler Lady Pirate Boots - Black
(sold separately and Now available in *Brown*)
What ever your pleasure Mate .. This is a fun and whimsy Collection .
Each one of us are made of many many stories, adventures and journeys .
Some express them in design, creative, writings and role play ..
Some just keep them private ..
From BlakOpal Designs

The Salty Wench Outfit - White
A sexy serving girl outfit, with lots of charisma and style. The cap sleeved top is rolled up and tied in a deep V at the front, exposing a heavy leather front-laced corset. Matching bracers are worn on the arms, and theres a panty made of the same stitched leather. A tight semi-sheer skirt cascades in sheer layers over the sheer and lace stockings. There is also a handy purse belt for stashing those tips you're sure to get!

All animations and props from Lost Angel  Industries
“Wind of Desire“

The first release of ”Sensual Nights“

Next Up Breezy is wearing
From BlakOpal Designs ~The Salty Wench Outfit - Red
Behold up close these beautiful aged leather textures ..held together with laces and stitches 
 trimmed  with detailed black lace
Release that Little Wench inside you .. Take a good Look at BlakOpal's
Salty Wench Outfit in Red or White today ..
((licks one lips .. feeling a bit parched just blogging it .. *grins))
It is an honor to dance and serve in such welled weaved threads ..
(( Really great out of the Box Creative Here .. Yet again BlakOpal !!))
Wear Your Fantasies .. Save the drama for the Look ..
The grid is a good place to play for some of us that way ..
Thanks for visiting , See ya next time ..