Just For TOnight @ Piermont Landing 6pmSLT to 9pmSLT

The beautiful  Sxhneewittchen Gown  from Grim Bros
on sale at Piermont Landing this evening  for just $222 lindens
all proceeds going to RFL
Special Thank YOU to Cutea and her beloved Grom Bros ..
Join Piermont Landing and New Babbage at Grim Ball
this evening 6pm slt to 9pm
Sxhneewittchen Gown from Grim Bros
complete with gnomes or not ..
and quiet Tasty Apple ((spiked but of course))
Thank YOU Tesla
we do concur that every gal in Babbage should really have this Adorable gown ..
nods nods 
we really do ...
Sxhneewittchen Gown from Grim Bros