The Auctions and The Fantasy Faire 2011 is In Its Last Hours !

As so our Virtual Clocks continues to tick
this was the end of Fantasy Faire Auction 2011
it was 6pm slt on Saturday April 8th
and all gathered to the great Auction Stage.
Slowly each auction went to "Done"
The Excitement was in the air
as so many gathered
((not shown in these photos))
As Breezy was quite caught up in the excitement of the Moments .
This was the Likes of an Auction she had never seen before ..
With beautiful creative .. Wonderful creators
Amazing character all gathered together for One Great Cause !
Relay for Life of Second Life ...
Fantasy Faire 2011 Auction !
Quietly Breezy watched in awe ..
History in the making !!
What a powerful event Indeed !
Joined with Friends Fighting Cancer  team Co Captain and Friend  Nevar Lobo
and Dear Most Magical and creative,
 last years New Babbage build captain and friend Miss Avariel Falcon
we listened to great Music and Waited for the results ..
 Yes , all waited for the Fantasy Faire Fairy and  Team Captain of Friends Fighting Cancer
Miss Ember Farina ...So Most exciting ..
Aww Miss Avariel Falcon Made a New Friend .. heh !
With the Mysterious Fallen God Mr. Mr. Alia Baroque .
(( love this Capture !))
Then Like Magic Ember , swooped down with a great Big Smile .
There was much Magic in the air !!
This relentless Passionate Beautiful gal inside and out had arrived to
make sure each and every winner got their prize and her Smile..
Also Like Systematic Magic Arrived The Fantasy Faire Fairy
Gosh .. She is a most hard working Fairy !
No slacking for this gal .. Non stop greetings, welcomes and thank YOUS ..
Wonderful character with a heart of gold created Just for the Faire !!!
Ember was so Happy as she should be
Group Notice From:
* * FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 * *,
Another record day for the Faire! L$579,363 lindens or $2367 USD. The silent auction raised $1100 USD. Khyle was BACK in jail, along with Marcus & Searlit; combined bail over $500 USD! Alia’s beautiful story came to a moving end. And all day the sims teemed with people buying your magical wares. The final day will be a stretch to make our goal of $20,000 US. And once more our Captain asks us to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. I’ll do my best and I know you will too. Go Relay!
Zander Greene FFC Co Captain
Even after Many Auction Items were awarded to the winners
Many of us Lingered, As there was truly Magic In the Air ..
smiles at Miss AV.. the Black Unicorn is just so becoming.
Later in the evening Ember was a Beautiful Mermaid , Joined by the amazing
creative Fallen Gods owner and gallant character, artist rper and story teller, 
 Mr. Alia Baroque and My Dashing , Dynamic Partner Dr.Rafael Fabre ..
We relaxed and laughed and enjoyed some good conversation .
Indeed it was a Beyond Perfect Day at The Fantasy Faire 2011
But there is More today !!
With The Auction of The Great Gates
More Jail and Bails
Sim build Auction and
wonderful  shops still open
amazing entertainment still going on ..
Please join Us At The Last Day of
Fantasy Faire 2011
it's all waiting for YOU !!
Nine amazing Sims , all calling your name ..
After today they shall all be gone ..
(except those  bid and won at auction this evening )
Join Us at the Faire