On The Grid .. One can Have it all .. One really can ...

Second Life .. Fun. Characters .. Giving .. Sharing . Music .. Fashion ..  Fantasy 
 all " feel good" things ..
Remember that when judging others .. *smiles*
What makes YOU feel good might not be the same as another ..
Thus the blog today are styles and looks laced with a bit of feel good Music
That Breezy enjoys !!
A woman alone with her thoughts .. Where  can she go ....
In any world really .. Its all at one finger tips ..
Gardens .. Decor.. Life ..Design... Creative .. Day dreams . Work .. 
Family .. Friends .. What's you Passion ??  
The journeys and Day Dreams are endless .. The Epic Looks often over the top ..
The creative from wonderful artists can take each and every one of YOU ..
Where one goes is .... so up to them .. Lets open the gate Shall we..
Behold The latest Release from the delightful
MissAllSunday Lemon
Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Storm
Show Your Style!
[sYs] LYDO - avant garde outfit (color HUD)
[Clothes : Glam, Futuristic, Catsuit, Latex, ...]

[Skins : Naturel & Cyber ]
[Tattoo & Make Up]
[Boots, Ankle Boots, Stomp Boots]
[Accessories : Sunglasses, necklace, mask, ...]
Show Your Style !
Complete Frock  Ensemble
by Show Your Style
[sYs] LYDO - avant garde outfit (color HUD)
[sYs] OZ - Onyxe - ankle boots (resize Hud)
[sYs]  Silver Queen - Necklace (color HUD)

[sYS]  Breezy loves the looks ..of [sYs]
Shall be sharing more with their Culture Shock Event
Blog animations and Umbrella props
left and Right  BRACELETS INKA Blue  NEW
Reach deep and Live With Depth in any World ..
No worries The Right people will embrace and get it ..
As long as it comes from your heart .. No Fear !!!
Cause Good people always find one another
/Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Storm
[sYs] Silver Queen - Necklace (color HUD)


Breezy would like to send Most Special thanks to MissAllSunday Lemon

Wasabi Pills For her Antiope Hair - Storm
was the inspiration to this entire look and blog .
This new dramatic Hair Style comes in many gorgeous textures of shades .
Perfection plus wicked cool design = Wasabi every time ..
Visit Wasabi Pills today .. You shall be so glad You did !

These cool  bracelets by ..

left and Right BRACELETS INKA Blue NEW
The Sea is always in back drop .. for this Seabreeze ..
The True rich thoughts and deep feelings are kept to herself ..
Indeed Special thanks to 
MissAllSunday Lemon

Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Storm
Continue to feel and Live, Embrace your  Passion
Wear your Fantasy and Save The  Drama ..
Surround yourself with plus people ..
Seek the folks that do and enjoy depth...
 ..  grins ..
Visit these amazing creative designers  today .. 


Batou said…
Fantastic work yet again, Breezy!
Breezy Carver said…
Looks up and smiles .. Thank YOU Sir :) twirls !