Grim Bros....The Forest of Shadows ... Fantasy Faire 2011

When Breezy arrived to the Forest Shadows a most haunting
yet comfortable feeling came over her .. Hard to explain
a stranger in a strange land ???
She had arrived at The Fantasy Faire 2011 Forest of Shadows:
An old forest with stone ruins and a dark secret
A delightful dark sense of mystery soon unfolded
Yes this is indeed The Forest of Shadows .

Nah .. good folks  and  friends are all here .. Starting with
Grim Bros.  *grins*
The world indeed kind of just pushed me this way :)
Breezy is wearing the darling
Grim Bros. Gertrude-San dress+hat+shoes BOXED

The fabric, textures and creative details to this adorable ensemble

Gertrude-San dress+hat+shoes BOXED

From head to toes Miss Cutea thinks of everything ..
whispers even some candy ..  three different head pieces,
two skirt choices . two different stockings and Grim Bros.
signature Mary Janes shoes !
Of course as traveler of The Fantasy Faire , one must be prepared
to adapt, change and  most important have fun !!
A stop by a Relay For Life Kiosk always helps .
Gertrude-San dress+hat+shoes BOXED
The dress a steadfast Grim Bros.
The shoes offered and created for 2011 RFL ..
From Grim Bros .
another oldie but goodie from Grim Bros ..
This Pink Gingham comes with two skirts
short and sassy , and formal Victorian long .
((it was a 2010 RFL offering from Miss Cutea))
In no time breezy transformed in *smiles* to this Grim Bros.
Ensemble ...
Grim Bros. RFL metalbot skin and shape BOXED
available at Fantasy Faire 2011
and the classic Grim Bros.
kawaii goth doll dress "usagi aubergina"
A detailed and simply gorgeous goth doll dress with a bunch of playful details. The outfit in the box consists of the dress, the hat, and elaborately designed shoes, all for a special package price.

Contrast is a theme here: purple and black, sweet and dark. Lovingly crafted fabric and fishnet textures combine romantic elements such as roses and hearts, a little lace etc. with an almost pop art kawaii pirate skull silhouette - and a 3 D skullbunny that reappears in several places and on the hat. the materials used as bases for textures are luxurious panné velvet, cheeky striped knit and classic black fishnet in two varieties.
Just put on your Fantasy Faire Welcome Kit
and Follow The Lazy River .. Let the wind push You that way
Grim Bros and so much more on the Forest of Shadows
It's all waiting for You ..