Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Gebet Gown ~Free in World with Request From Saya Littlething ~

In any world the greatest thing anyone of us can do is give !
The second is to do for another or cause bigger then yourself !
Try and remember that as each rush around.
For The Japanese are such Proud, Good ,Modest,Kind and Most Creative People !
Indeed I am touched by so many I have met on line ..
So Strong and Spiritual each one be !
A True humble privilege to come across so many of their virtual paths .
Japan continues to need all of our prayers and help where we can .
God Bless each of them and their Homeland !!!
Breezy was dropped a note about a week or so ago ..
Asking her to blog on this gown .
It is called The Gebet Gown .
and the name of the designer is Saya Littlething
Below is the Note Card Breezy Received
((it is a little broken but , the powerful meaning is still there ))
"Gebet" is German of the meaning "Prayer".

I put the prayer and made this dressing gown.
This dressing gown is free. However, this is not a mere free item.
I think that I wants you to donate in RL(real money)
a fund when you like this dress even a little.
It might be small power one by one.
However, if it’s consolidated, it's changes into big power.
Your geniality becomes every one's power.
Please write these notes also if you write the article on this dressing gown in your blog.
Thank you.
Schön / Saya Littlething

The gowns are sweet but the cause is greater then anyone of we ..
Do visit and help ..

- Why is it free?
The grave responsibility accompanies the thing “I keep money from you”.
and I think… I want you to donate in the real world.
Of course, I don’t deny the contribution in the In-world.
However, amounts of money that piece person of me collects are insignificant things.
Therefore, it made it to the product of such a stance this time.
“This item is free. Instead, please donate a fund in the real world when you like this.”
There might be a person who doesn’t donate in RL of course only in “Free! Yay!” either.
There will be such a person, too. However, there is a person who agrees to the outline.
I’m wishing that a lot of power reaches the stricken area.
[Donate site] (FYI)
Minimum donation amount is $10.

Schön / Saya Littlething

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