Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still In Awe and MoonStruck At The Fantasy Faire 2011

For more creative Visit Moonstruck on Market Place
Today Breezy visits the world of Moonstruck and
shares two Beautiful ensembles being sold by Moonstruck for Relay For Life
At The Fantasy Faire 2011 !
Luna Barak contines to create with a passion all her own !
Behold The  CATERINA Black and  White Gown
Located on Enchanted Mysts Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2011
This gown does come in other shades but this is Relay For Life
Piece being offered at the Fantasy Faire and it is stunning !!
The flow of the scripted gown is lovely, the textures are very pretty
and quite detailed for period role play .
most all prim items come with sizeable, (that are able to be deleted) scripts
and all are copy no transfer ..
Indeed any lady would be delightful with this period beauty to wear ! 
Genziana Black -  addresssed more to fit any woman villager daylife.
The look is striking .. The Black brocade beautiful !
There are also stunning sleves included with this gown ..
Just due to the look breezy was shooting at the time she has  not included them !
Trust me they are specatacular :)
The looks are plenty with this creative dynamitc ensemble alone ..
Breezy loves the scarf that comes with gown .
Size scripting included .. Copy no Transfer as with all Moonstruck items !
Visit Moonstruck on The Enchanted Mysts at Fantasy Faire 2011
Indeed the Moon is most romantic .. Let Moostruck
help with that special certain  look.. you shall be plesently surprised !!
Also just so glad You did !!
What ever Your role play needs may call for  Moonstruck is a place to visit
with ensemble for both men and women ..
Furniture even boats !
Visit their Main Shop soon

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