Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Summer Place Indeed .. New Pearls From Lady Kembri Tomsen ...

 A Summer Place Indeed ..
Lady Kembi Tomsen returns with some  delightful releases of her beautiful Pearls ..
Two darling Brand New vintage "Play~Swim Suits"
 Breezy plays and models these two darling new ensembles From Curious Seamstress
Breezy has a bit of fun at her Private residence of close
 to four years now her beloved Hattoi
Catch !!!
" This late 1950s play suit, Lottie. The fun thing about these play suits is they were also made for swimming many times, and this is one of those suits. It would not have looked quite as pretty wet, since all the ruffles would drip and drag, but for a pool side outfit, this was the thing to have! Even at the beach, as long as you weren't planning on doing a lot of swimming. "
Lady Kembri Tomsen

 "The 1930s peep toe shoes. When looking for period shoes I was having a heck of a time finding pairs that would match my gowns. I finally gave in and made my own, most often using textures that match a specific gown. However, being a shoe girl, I decided it'd be really nice if I offered the shoes separately so that you, the customer, could pick her favorite pair to go with an outfit."
Lady Kembri Tomsen
The Curious . . . Cobbler!
Sold Seperately
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Miss Lottie is all you need to enjoy or make some fun time In the sun ..
Yep Sunglasses and hat included !
The Look .. is not only pretty it is a delightful look back and feel in time !
Visits Miss Lottie and all The Curious Seamstress's Pearls In world today ..
 Breezy Loves the Look .. who wouldn't ?
Notice how the ruffles flow in the breeze ((hee hee))
 Catch !!!   Meet Mandy .. this fun suit comes with sunglasses , a darling hat and
Yes The Mandy suit includes a pair of Lady Kembri's Peep toe shoes !!
"Thank you for your purchase of this early 1950s playsuit, Mandy. The original one is made of a very light weight cotton, so this suit would be ideal for a day of play or of swimming. These play suits were fun to have, and I remember having something like them as a small child.
The hat and glasses are left mod. The hair is Lamour from Ingenue. The shoes are included with the outfit, and are 1930s peep toes. I realize there's a 20 year difference in eras, but peep toe shoes really are perfect for these play suits.
I hope you enjoy your fun new playsuit!"
Wee .. have hours of fun in the sun with GWD's  Mandy Play/swim Suit !
 The look is just darling .. Gals you can't go wrong with Mandy By GWD .
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See Ya Next time .. wink !
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