The Fantasy Faire 2011 for Relay For Life of Second Life is Hours away !!!!

The Fantasy Faire has always been something most exciting to Breezy ..
On second life Breezy is no one special .. just a kind passionate someone .
Real Life can be most challenging for many of us atm .
That makes second life a place that many can come to get away , have some fun
do some good and perhaps meet some wonderful people along the way  :)
Today breezy shares  a wee  peek into just a bit of the Mermaid Tail ensembles
 and add on packs of Mer Betta
For more information about the Mer Betta Series
and the Mutation Alpha add-on pack, see the Mer Betta blog.
For a Limited time only Mer Betta re releases her "RFL2010-Owain" base pack
with two beautiful shades of purple, breezy has tried to share with you
in photos and add on packs of Mer Betta
For Fantasy Faire /RFL season only
Available at the Mer Betta
breezy just loves the Sea of Mer @ The Fantasy Faire 2011
Note the most clever packaging of Opal Lei .. just perfect
for showing off these amazing Betta tails .
*Grins*  @ the add on packs of Mer Betta
can you say  stunning  sexy and  dreamy ....
and its all the Fantasy Faire 2011 on Sea of Mer
Mer Betta™ Simoeis
from Mer Betta: Series 4 Version 3.1.
Each tail in this series comes with scales in two colors,
so there are two versions of every piece that has scales in it.
Even Mermaids do aim and  make donations to RFLSL
@ The Fantasy Faire 2011  deep under the sea !
Oh Yes The Sea of Mer build is half Under water !!
Each base ensemble includes Two Tails and assortment of
Tops include the classic style, pasties, and bare chest.
Available at the Mer Betta Fantasy Faire and Her Main Store.

Also available separately are the matching Crescent Intimates add-on pack.
Mer Betta™ (Opal Lei) thanks hui_rou for granting permission to use her
 betta photo as source material for this mer tail.


Rhianon Jameson said…
Don't sell yourself short, Miss Breezy - you're something special in all lives.